Clearview Co-op Donates $250K!
November 13, 2020

Clearview Co-op's Board of Directors is dedicating $250,000 to the Bethesda Foundation to be paid out over the next three years!

The Bethesda Foundation is doing great work within southeastern Manitoba by helping with the development and increasing health care services in our area. Healthcare is something that impacts all of us from time to time. Being a regional health facility in Steinbach serving all of southeastern Manitoba, Bethesda Health Care serves a majority of Clearview Co-op’s members.

The Bethesda Foundation was incorporated in July 1980. The core concept of the founders of the foundation was to build a permanent capital base in order to generate funding that could be used to meet some of the health care enhancements of the hospital and community, beyond what is provided by government.

Over the years, several million dollars have been raised by the foundation for special projects like the Emergency Department redevelopment, the Cancer Care/Obstetrics facility, the Crisis Stabilization Unit and the new Bethesda Primary Care Centre.

The Bethesda Foundation also plays an important role in supporting ongoing health care programs like palliative care, staff professional development and the chaplaincy program at Bethesda.

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