Grown With Purpose
January 9, 2019

Are you looking for a way to push more yields and increase efficiency, while being mindful of air, soil and water quality? The Co-op Grow Team can help you with the new Grown with Purpose program. 

“Grown with Purpose is a way of farming for today and tomorrow that provides growers with meaningful strategies to drive yields, enhance soil quality and build a legacy for the next generation,” said Trish Meyers, PAg, CCA, Director of Crop Supplies with Federated Co-operatives Limited, which helped develop the program for the Co-op Grow Team.

This new agronomic program describes a comprehensive suite of best management practices that assist crop planning and management. The cornerstone of the program is 4R Nutrient Stewardship, a set of principles that ensure fertilizer applications are made when and where plants need them the most.

As part of Grown with Purpose, Co-op Grow Team members will work with growers on the optimal source, rate, timing and placement of fertilizer. Using advanced agronomic tools and strategies, including variable-rate technology and enhanced-efficiency products, Co-op Grow Team members will help producers get the most from these investments while minimizing nutrient losses to the environment.

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